Corporate Identity Logo

Created 4 different versions of this logo to be able to present them to my class. I picked a final version so i could then incorporate the logo into my brand. I created the logo using Adobe Illustrator.



Corporate Identity Project

In this class project i had to create a Corporate Brand for my company. I decided to come up with a unique name for my company (Go Davey Designs). The branding project was to create a letter head, envelope and a business card. I also used the skills i learned in Adobe Illustrator to be able to create this Corporate Branding Project.

Identity is one of the most important assets in a company. A successfully designed corporate identity package can establish, define and differentiate a company from the competition, creating credibility and communicating a strong message.


Website Mock Up Photoshop Layout

With this class project i was instructed to create a one page mock up of a website, I decided to make up a business pertaining to the travel industry. The Web layout had to be Web 2.0, corporate, edgy and contemporary.

I used my own pictures that i have taken when on vacation in Puerto Rico. I also used the basic skills i have learned in photoshop to be able to create this first web mock up of a web page.

The Oatmeal


The Oatmeal – Page 1 of 20.

This site is pretty cool, the oatmeal is packed to the brim with comics, quizzes, freedom and chest hair check it out.


30 Fresh Web Design Effects That Can Spice up your Website


30 Fresh Web Design Effects That Can Spice up your Website.

Photoshop Thumbnail Identity Image

In this class project i had to create an identity image for my brand. I used text as well as shape and colors to create this image. I also added a logo with the help of the 3D tools in photoshop. Hope you all like it.

Website Animated GIF Banner

I had to create a animated banner. I pretty much use the tools easily available in photoshop to be able to complete the animated banner. I decided to use text that i then modified with the photoshop tools. My banner is a full banner 468x x 60x. Hope you all like my first banner creation.


Go Davey Designs